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Maguire is the Financial Aid Optimization Team at Carnegie



Carnegie’s Financial Aid Optimization services are powered by Maguire Associates. We deliver an ecosystem approach to financial aid strategy and are the only team delivering individualized financial aid strategy—the most personalized approach to financial aid. Individualized financial aid strategy is not only customized for your institution, but customized for each student. A strategy built from the ground up, accounting for shifts in market forces and student behavior, monitored by our experts, for in-cycle optimization.

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Individualized Strategy for Optimized Results

Carnegie’s Financial Aid Optimization team is a highly experienced, high touch, higher education team, delivering solutions you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for this type of partnership, get in touch today.


  • Align your admission and aid strategies under a coordinated, consistent vision. Our sophisticated predictive models and depth of consulting expertise help you meet or exceed your enrollment goals while controlling discount rate.

  • Develop more targeted and cost-efficient approaches to recruitment. By scoring every prospective student record with an application probability, we help your team make the most of limited resources. Understanding conversion probability helps you focus recruitment messaging, evaluate the return on investment for key lead sources, and more effectively segment your communications.

  • Measure retention probability at the individual student level before students enroll and build that understanding into your admission and aid strategies. Our pre-enrollment retention models and individual-level risk-scoring will ensure comprehensive enrollment planning for student success and improved revenue outcomes over multiple years.

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