Market Intelligence for Student Search

We dive in deep to understand where you’ve been and where you’re going to ensure your Student Search campaigns are designed to meet your specific goals and optimize enrollment. Our proprietary methodologies deliver intel which allows you to optimize your current markets, identify new opportunities, and be precise when it comes time to execute, saving you time and money while delivering impressive enrollment results.

Historic Enrollment Analysis

Our ecosystem approach to your enrollment analysis will consider past metrics and conversion data, assessing geographies, academic bands, and other key, institution-specific variables—ensuring your Student Search strategy is student centric and market mindful.

Market Prioritization

In a Carnegie Student Search we’ll use Zip Code Modeling bring enhanced intelligence to your market knowledge. ZIP Code Models to combine enrollment data and ZIP Code–specific demographic data. We use a custom model to identify new look-alike markets where you will find enrollment success. We can also pinpoint legacy markets where you have potential for further saturation. The outcome is a strategic prioritization of new or existing markets for your Student Search name purchases.

Opportunity Identification

Data-backed market viability analysis helps match your institution’s goals and its successful expansion into new markets. Using existing enrollment data and demographic evaluations of prospective markets, your New Market Identification research prioritizes opportunities and uncovers hidden potential using either a regional, super-regional, or national approach.

Neighborhood Personas

Effectively communicate with your audiences with our custom neighborhood report, designed to address your Student Search markets. Our Neighborhood Profiles provide insights into what students want in a college experience, messaging they will respond to, and platforms where they are engaging in the college search process. This analysis is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in larger communications efforts, territory management, and individual student recruitment. Your admissions team will be thrilled.

Market Perceptions

Know what your market believes about you. An External Perception Study sets your Student Search on the right course by providing foundational information about your current reputation—strengths and weaknesses—as the market perceives them. Bolstered by this information, you will form intelligent enrollment communications to support or counteract market perception.

Recruitment Modeling

Recruitment modeling for Student Search includes tracking the changing characteristics of your inquiry pool, which year-over-year and even month-over-month will reveal the composition of your class. In-cycle you’ll use this information to make strategic pivots to adjust your financial aid strategies and manage your pool for goal achievement. By scoring every prospective student record, we give your team the ability to set priorities, including strategic prioritization of your recruitment tactics, time and money.

Better Intelligence. Precise Targeting. A Smarter Student Search.

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