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VP, Marketing

Christine Kramer SVP, Marketing Persona The Analytical and Discerning Detective

Christine Kramer leads Carnegie’s marketing operation, working collaboratively with company experts and stakeholders to ensure the Carnegie brand gains increased awareness and the company continues its impressive growth trajectory. Christine has spent over a decade in the higher education marketing and communications space, running strategy and operations for enrollment communications and advising on those services as a consultant. In recent years, she explored management consulting for media and tech, entertainment, retail, research, and nonprofit companies.

Christine's Latest Thinking.

  • | May 9, 2023
    Getting Ready for the Switch to Google Analytics 4: Only 2 Months Left
    Google has announced an official date—July 1, 2023—for the final sunsetting of Universal Analytics (UA) as it makes way for Google Analytics 4 (GA4). It’s important to...
  • ""
    | August 1, 2022
    What Can Higher Ed Marketers Do With Google’s Official Restrictions on Ads Targeting Users Under 18?
    In 2021, Google made several changes to ensure a safer online experience for those under 18, which included measures like restricting content teens could readily access across...
  • ""
    | September 27, 2021
    Google Restricts Ad Targeting to Users Under 18. What Does This Mean?
    Last month, Facebook made sweeping changes for advertisers targeting audiences under the age of 18.
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Christine Kramer

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