Prospect Acquisition Strategy for Student Search

Carnegie’s Student Search prospect acquisition strategy is distinctive in two ways. For one, we adamantly believe that a data-driven sourcing strategy that focuses on fit is the most successful way to recruit and retain students. And two, it has an always-on element, in order to diversify your sources and strengthen your pipeline. It’s student-centric and market-mindful, and, yes, it’s a different approach than you’ve seen in the past.

Focus On Fit

Our Enrollment Strategy team will deliver a Name Buy Recommendation based on your enrollment data, market research, and channel analysis to ensure that your selections are precise and have the highest likelihood of conversion. Our philosophy is to identify and cultivate the best students for your institution, moving away from the traditional high-volume, low-conversion Student Search of the past and toward a more student-centric model that drives real connection and optimizes your Student Search budget. Your multi-execution purchase strategy will be managed by our team and fully integrated with your Slate instance—from mapping to reports.

Diversify Your Sources

Deploy an always-on and diversified lead generation strategy with access to Carneige’s Lead Generation platform and student database, CollegeXpress. We offer highly customizable segmentation from gender and geography to academic interest and aptitude. Supported by targeted email marketing and on-platform digital advertising, CX is a fruitful and diversified lead source option for your Student Search.

CollegeXpress provides always-on brand reach and lead generation for high school freshmen through seniors and builds a strong pipeline for your enrollment year over year.

Expand Your Reach

Data-backed market viability analysis helps match your institution’s goals and its successful expansion into new markets. Using existing enrollment data and demographic evaluations of prospective markets, your Market Opportunity Index prioritizes opportunities and uncovers hidden potential using either a regional, super-regional, or national approach.

Right fit, diversified, and always on.

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