Carnegie + Fire Engine RED’s Student Search Teams Unite!

Fire Engine RED's Student Search team has joined Carnegie!



We’re excited to announce that Fire Engine RED’s Student Search team has joined Carnegie, adding more talent to the Carnegie Student Search effort as well as the flexibility to serve both Slate and non-Slate CRM clients!

Read more about our news and Carnegie’s reimagined Student Search.


About Fire Engine RED’s Student Search Team

You can now find the Fire Engine RED Student Search team at Carnegie! This team of Student Search strategists, managers, and operators became known in higher education for their client-first experience and for delivering custom Student Search offerings. They bring 15 years of Student Search experience to Carnegie. Fire Engine RED’s Student Search team joined the Carnegie family in December of 2023, augmenting Carnegie’s Student Search team.

Carnegie’s Student Search Vision

The industry has fundamentally changed since the introduction of enrollment management in 1976, and even more since the popularization of current-day tactics. We are delivering a modern Student Search to address the changing industry landscape—it’s our goal to provide continued innovation in this space. With the acquisition of Fire Engine RED’s Student Search team, we look forward to addressing enrollment challenges through additional product flexibility and innovation. Learn More.

  • We’ll help you identify, source, and cultivate students who have a greater propensity to take action. Your lead sourcing strategy will leverage market research and source analysis to ensure your prospects are diversified and have high-yield potential. This strategy will serve as the foundation of your entire Student Search effort, which will focus on yield from the start.

  • Marrying demographic and psychographic data, we create smart and strategic segmentation, primed for Student Search communications that generate human connection and lay the foundation for increased engagement and conversions.

  • We'll deliver the right message to your Student Search audience at precisely the right time. You'll be supported by a team with unparalleled experience who will work directly in your campaigns to optimize performance. Your Student Search campaigns will be agile, personalized, and fully supported.

  • We give you the data that you crave, real-time reporting, and expert analysis so your Student Search execution is agile. We provide full funnel data for year-over-year reporting, as well as real-time campaign performance. Our team of marketing and communications experts works directly in your campaigns, tracking performance and delivering insights to optimize your efforts.

  • We combine behavioral data, geodemographic information, and Carneige proprietary metrics to deliver highly predictive engagement scores. These scores tell you exactly who is interested in your institution and which students have the greatest propensity to take action. Starting with EnGauge Apply Score, we will make strategic choices that will maximize your entire recruitment effort.

  • We support the full enrollment journey, aiding your enrollment aspirations by increasing engagement and conversions and ultimately yielding your class. To support your enrollment strategy, we deploy yield tools that increase your chances of being chosen and set you up for retention success.

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