Higher Education Marketing and Enrollment Strategy

A Yield Focused Student Search

Carnegie has redesigned and redefined Student Search. Our Student Search model is counter to the traditional high-cost, high-volume, low-conversion Student Search of the past. We build Student Search on the student’s terms: when they are ready, where they want to connect, and with messaging that speaks directly to who they are as individuals. This is modern Student Search, purpose-built for today's landscape.

We’ve curated a list of enrollment management resources that will help you get the most out of your Student Search. Access our Student Search toolkit for tips, tricks, and strategies from lead generation to advanced segmentation to personalized web experiences.

  • We’ll help fill your pipeline with right-fit students, diversify your lead sources, and deploy an always-on strategy. Your name-buy recommendation will consider your entire enrollment and marketing ecosystem, and become a road map for how we strategically fill your pipeline.

  • A Carnegie Student Search empowers you to take ownership of your Student Search, while also providing the expert support you deserve. Your Student Search will transparent, optimized, and fully-supported. You will always have reporting at your finger tips and actionable insights informed by our experts.

  • Marrying demographic and psychographic data, we create smart and strategic segmentation, primed for Student Search communications that generate human connection and lay the foundation for future retention efforts.

  • Your campaigns will be custom to you and responsive to your prospective students, meeting them where they are, when they’re most ready to connect. Your messaging will be personalized, speaking directly to who your prospective students are, and what motivates their decisions. You'll capture their attention. You'll stand apart.

  • We'll deliver the right message to the right student at precisely the right time. Your campaigns will be supported by the best team in the business, who will ensure your digital search is first-class. Fully integrated with our research, psychometric segmentation, and Slate reporting—your digital execution will be precise and effective.

  • This is data-driven decision making at its best. We identify who is most likely to apply, exactly what precise amount of aid an individual needs to enroll, and who needs intervention in order to retain. This is where your Student Search strategy becomes enrollment strategy, and you recruit to retain.

About Carnegie’s Student Search

Our vision is to offer higher education a Student Search solution that is purpose-built to address the current landscape. The industry has fundamentally changed since the introduction of enrollment management in 1976, and even more since the popularization of current-day tactics—Student Search has to change with the landscape.

Fewer college-going students, decreasing access to student names, data privacy and legislation, new tools and technology, and the change in behaviors and expectations of students are the pressures driving change. Carnegie is delivering a right-fit and yield-focused solution that is a combination of Carnegie’s best-in-class services, designed to solve the challenges clients are facing today.

  • Our model is a lower volume, higher conversion approach that is hyper-focused on capturing attention, generating affinity, and applying precise strategies to increase yield.
  • We leverage human connection (a core Carnegie philosophy) tangibly, by using psychometric data (motivations,
    attitudes, and beliefs) to personalize and segment our communication efforts.
  • Our approach is bookended by strategies that gather rich data to ensure smart resource allocation, from the names purchased to the aid offered to each student.
  • We offer precise targeting and diversified digital marketing strategies to meet students where they are.
  • We offer a fully supported Slate CRM execution which provides clients with data transparency and control of their Student Search.
  • And new in 2024 we will serve non-Slate CRM institutions too!

About Carnegie

For more than 35 years, Carnegie has been a leader and innovator in higher education marketing and enrollment strategy, offering groundbreaking services in the areas of Research, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Slate Optimization, Student Search, Website Development, and Creative that generate authentic connections.

We connect colleges with students through the power of human connection. We believe that genuine connection is the key to capturing attention and building affinity. Our core philosophy fuses the principles of human psychology with marketing and enrollment innovation; we measure and then market to a student’s unique behaviors and motivators to create deep connection and real conversation. This leads to action, enrollment, retention, and lasting affinity.