Targeted Digital Marketing for Student Search

A Carnegie Student Search meets students where they are—wherever they are—with industry-leading digital marketing. Because of digital advertising’s always-on nature, precision targeting, and relevancy to higher education audiences, it is a pillar of our Student Search, and it has been for years. From strategy through execution, Carnegie’s full-service digital agency combines problem-solving ingenuity and an arsenal of cutting-edge tactics to accomplish your Student Search goals and reach your prospects. Our powerhouse Digital team is the only one to offer personality-driven digital marketing, a game-changing combination for Student Search. Benefiting from our research and psychometric segmentation offerings, our digital execution is precise and effective. From lead generation to nurture campaigns, digital will become a pillar of your Student Search, too.

Leverage Lists

We’ll deliver the right message to your Student Search list at precisely the right time. IP Targeting and Snapchat offer list-based options for your Student Search that ensure you’re getting in front of your audience at precisely the right moment. From brand awareness to open house promotion to deposit deadline reminders, this is a digital tactic made for Student Search.

Full Lifecycle Digital

With a full lifecycle digital execution, you will get in front of early aspirants and late bloomers, cultivate a first source pipeline, and influence college choice moments. We believe in year-round Student Search, to truly meet students where they are whenever they are ready. With digital marketing this is possible.

By leveraging layered tactics like streaming, SEM, display, and social media your Student Search campaigns will:


  • Create awareness for your institution
  • Cultivate a first-source pipeline
  • Stay top of mind throughout their student journey
  • Generate action in milestone moments

Completely customizable to your institution’s needs our strategists will work with you to develop a 360 approach to Student Search, with digital marketing. Your campaigns will be supported by the best team in the business, who will ensure your digital Student Search is first-class. Integrated with our research, psychometric segmentation, and Slate reporting, your digital execution will be personal, precise, and effective.

Precise. Effective. Integrated. Industry-Leading.

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