Digital Marketing for Student Search

A Carnegie Student Search meets students where they are—wherever they are—with industry-leading digital marketing. Because of digital advertising’s always-on nature, precision targeting and relevancy to higher education audiences, it is a pillar of our Student Search, and it has been for years. From strategy through execution, Carnegie’s full-service digital agency combines problem-solving ingenuity and an arsenal of cutting-edge tactics to accomplish your Student Search goals and reach your prospects. And our powerhouse Digital team is the only one to offer personality-driven digital marketing, a game-changing combination for Student Search. Benefiting from our Market Intelligence and Audience Segmentation offerings, our digital execution is precise and effective. Our real-time Slate reporting means we can optimize like no-one else. From lead generation to nurture campaigns, digital will become a pillar of your Student Search, too.

Personalize Digital

A powerful combination of our advanced segmentation and our leading digital marketing, Darts to Digital extends your personalization into your digital marketing campaigns to help you connect with students where they are, with messaging that speaks directly to who they are. You’ll deliver the most relevant and precise digital marketing campaigns for Student Search—an innovation only Carnegie can offer.

Drive Conversions

Our Retargeting services consistently place your school’s brand in front of prospective students after their first visit to key pages of your website. When done right, retargeting helps drive conversions throughout the enrollment journey, nurturing a relationship of familiarity between you and your prospective students. Retargeting is the conversion-driving tactic for Student Search to move students to apply, register for a visit, or inquire.

Stay Top-of-Mind

Put your institution’s name in front of new prospects consistently. Display Outreach campaigns broadcast your message according to your goals, targeting students, parents, and stakeholders with the potential to connect with your brand. In your Student Search campaigns, Display plays the important role of keeping you top-of-mind and provides the repetition that causes brand stickiness. 

Build Awareness

Leverage content, technical SEO, Google My Business, social media, and website design to capture attention and provide answers through every phase of the enrollment process. For your Student Search, leveraging SEO means visibility when a student is conducting college research, a path to finding them after exposure to your Display or email campaigns, and reason to come back to your site time and time again.

Customize Your Web

Your website is a big part of the Student Search, so why not ensure it’s optimized to provide a personalized, conversion-driving experience? Start tracking prospective students beginning with the first touchpoint. From paid campaigns to organic search, profile students as they journey from anonymous to known user, keeping track of their campaign interactions, website behaviors, areas of interest, and more. Solve the mystery of stealth applicants, uncover lost marketing attribution, and personalize the website experience for your prospective students.


Carnegie’s Website Personalization tools and development services will help you deliver the customized experience students now expect.


Carnegie Clarity™
Create a personalized web experience for your sophomore through senior prospects, in real time, based on their area of interest and position in the enrollment ecosystem. We can create custom web content without any back-end support from your web team, delivering the right message to the right student at the right time.


Clarity tracks behavior of anonymous and known users across devices starting at the first touch. From paid campaigns to social media interactions all the way to the acceptance email, Clarity tracks, stores, and reports on each user’s unique combination of touchpoints that take them from anonymous to known—giving you the power to engage stealth prospects like never before and full transparency in your Student Search yield.


Slate’s Ping Implementation Support
Clarity and Slate’s Ping work together to provide extensive campaign and conversion reporting in your Slate instance. Track matched students in your Slate instance with the built-in queries and reporting tools. Run queries by UTM attributes and overlay with enrollment funnel for full attribution.


Custom Pages, Portals and Microsites
We design and build landing pages, microsites, and portals to fit your Student Search needs. For a 360 experience we recommend enhancing your web experience for prospects, either via web personalization (Clarity or Ping), portals (via Slate), landing pages or microsites.

Precise. Effective. Integrated. Industry-Leading.

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